mardi 23 février 2010

Sukia : Gary Super-Macho

Sukia were a Camarillo, California-based electronic band that featured former child actor Ross Harris, who in the 1970s acted in shows such as CHiPS and the Little House on the Prairie.

Formed in the early 90's amidst the burgeoning Los Angeles indie music scene, Sukia took their name from the Italian vampire comic book of the same name. Their only released album is Contacto Especial con el Tercer Sexo (1996), which was produced by the Dust Brothers and Jerry Finn, released on the Dust Brothers label, Nickelbag records in the States and through Mo Wax Records in the United Kingdom.

Following their dissolution, Sukia have gained a cult following from the release of the above titled album and also alternate versions of the songs "Gary Super Macho" and "The Dream Machine".[wikipedia]

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