samedi 23 février 2008

Papy Mix Février : Japan Sixties

Playlist : Ecouter

Emi Jackson - Koi No Angelfish (The Angelfish of Love)
Emi Jackson - Namida No GoGo (GoGo of Tears)
Flower Travelling Band and Terumasa Hino Quartet - Doob
Hajime Kaidou - Snacky De Odorou
Jackie Yoshikawa And Blue Comets - Psychedelic Man
Jackie Yoshikawa and Blue Comets - Taiyou No Musume (Daughter of the Sun)
Mayuzumi Jun and the ox - black room
The Dynamites - Koiwa Mo Takusan
The Mammies - Futari no Boogaloo
The Mojo - Crazy Midnight
The Mops - Bera Yo Isoge
The Mops - I Can t Wait
The Mops - San Franciscan Night
The Silvy Fox - Kaza ga Saratta Koibito
The Spiders - Go Go
The Spiders - Hey Boy
The Taxman - Koi Yo Koi Yo Koi Yo [Love Love Love]

vendredi 22 février 2008

East of Eden

East of Eden is a 1970s progressive rock band, who had a Top 10 hit with the single "Jig-a-Jig" in 1971.
Their professional career began back in 1967 when they were formed in Bristol by Dave Arbus (born David Arbus, 8 October 1941, in Leicester) (violin, flute, saxophone, trumpet), Ron Caines (born 13 December 1944, in Bristol) (alto saxophone), Geoff Nicholson (born 27 June 1948, near Bristol) (guitar, vocals), and Geoff Britton (born 1 August 1943, in Lewisham, South London) (drums), who later joined Wings.

In 1969 they released the Mercator Projected album, followed shortly after by the SNAFU and Jig-a-Jig albums (both released in 1970). Although some might consider this group as being a symphonic progressive band, others state that their style is mostly jazz oriented. Combining flutes, violins and tape loops to folk, gypsy and psychedelic music, the East of Eden style was always heavily supported on a pure rock base; strong and experimental.

The band broke up in the mid 1970s having undergone various changes in membership. Important members in late line-ups included guitarist Andy Sneddon (born 8 May 1946, Ayrshire), bassist David Jacks (born 24 January 1940, Glasgow), drummer Jeff Allen (born 23 April 1946, Matlock) and violinist Joe O'Donnell. [wikipedia]

East of Eden from a Pop Deux special on the band 1970 From Mercator Projected.

lundi 18 février 2008

dimanche 17 février 2008

Vicki Anderson - The Message From The Soul Sisters

One of James Brown's Soul Sisters. According to Mr. Brown's autobiography, Vicki Anderson was the best female singer he had in his revue. She Joined Brown in 1965 replacing Anna King and she held her position there until she was replaced by Marva Whitney 3 years after in 1968. But she re-joined after Marva departed in 1969 for further three years until Lyn Collins took over. She disapeared after she left Brown for a while and resurfaced in 1975 with a single, featuring a cover of Rufus & Chaka Khan Hit Once You Get Started and Bobby Womack's Stop On By on Browns I-Dentify label, but this single failed to do any damage, and after this, Vicki never showed any signs to do studio work but she was regulary appearing in James Brown Funky People revue in the late 80s, and again with Bobby Byrd in the early 90s.

But then in 1994 she returned to the studio, recording Gil Scott Herons classic Home Is Where The Hatred Is with Bossa Nostra and it did very well. Today she sometimes does live shows around US and UK. [discogs]

Flower Travellin' Band

Flower Travellin' Band were an esoteric Japanese psychedelic rock/ heavy metal outfit active in the late 1960s and early 1970s, consisting of Akira "Joe" Yamanaka (vocals), Hideki Ishima (guitar), Joji "George" Wada (drums) and Jun Kozuki (bass).
The band was initially organized by Japanese entertainer and entrepreneur Yuya Uchida as "The Flowers," a cover band, and featured two vocalists - male vocalist Yuya Uchida, and female vocalist Remi Aso, who was touted as the Japanese version of Janis Joplin. Their first album consisted of covers of Western pop songs. It was primarily notable for the fact that all of the band members appeared nude on the cover, including Aso, which was considered scandalous at the time.

However, after the "Flowers" album, Uchida lost interest and Aso drifted away. The remaining members reorganized themselves, acquiring Joe Yamanaka as a vocalist on the recommendation of Uchida, and proceeded to explore a more original and rock-oriented direction.

In early 1973, they were billed to open for the Rolling Stones, but Mick Jagger's visa was rejected from a previous drug conviction and all concerts were cancelled. Later that year the band broke up, with Yamanaka going on to release solo albums in styles varying from David Bowie-styled glam rock to roots reggae.
Guitarist Hideki Ishima released a solo album, One Day, in 1973, and continued a career as a studio musician, guesting on several of Yamanaka's solo albums. Ishima is still active in the music scene in Japan, and specializes in playing the "sitarla," an instrument he designed. The sitarla apparently combines the qualities of a solidbody electric guitar and the sitar... [wikipedia]

The Dukes - Friday On My Mind

dutch 60's band The Dukes performing Friday On My Mind cover

samedi 16 février 2008

Motherhead Bug le retour

info sur perte et Fracas
"Une news de bonne heure qui vous prend au saut du lit, ya des matins comme ça, une âme
bien intentionnée, le propre frère de David Ouimet, qui vous apprend que Motherhead Bug ressuscite et sort un nouvel album intitulé Songs in savage tongues !! On croit rêvé !!
Le pire c'est que c'est vrai et vous pouvez même aller faire un tour sur cette page pour télécharger gratuitement les 9 premiers morceaux (sur 15) de ce nouvel album dont on ne sait rien d'autre...Mais compter sur Perte & Fracas pour vous tenir au jus sur ce groupe mythique qui refait surface."

Dee Dee Sharp - I Really Love You

Dee Dee Sharp (born Dione LaRue, 9 September 1945, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States) is an R&B singer who began her career recording back-up vocals in 1961.

In 1962 she began a string of very successful Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits: "Slow Twistin'" (with Chubby Checker) (#3), "Mashed Potato Time" (#2), "Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes)" (#9), "Ride!" (#5) and "Do the Bird" (#10).

In 1967 she married record producer Kenny Gamble and has since recorded under the name Dee Dee Sharp-Gamble. She had a brief career resurgence during the disco era: as a member of the Philadelphia International All Stars (which also included Lou Rawls, Billy Paul, Teddy Pendergrass, The O'Jays and Archie Bell) she had a minor hit with "Let's Clean Up the Ghetto."

In 1981 she spent four weeks at number one on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Breaking and Entering" / "Easy Money," from her album Dee Dee.

The Dolls - Why

Small Faces

Small Faces was a rock group from East London, England, heavily influenced by American rhythm and blues. The group was founded in 1965 by members Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, and Jimmy Winston (replaced by Ian McLagan). They are also sometimes referred to as The Small Faces.

They are best remembered as one of the most acclaimed and influential mod groups of the 1960s,with hit songs such as "Itchycoo Park", "Lazy Sunday", "All or Nothing" and their number one concept album Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake. They later evolved into one of the UK's most successful psychedelic acts before disbanding in 1969. [wikipedia]

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Hear Voices

Gwen Verdon - Mexican Breakfast

mardi 12 février 2008

Doppler @ Raymond Bar

Doppler Live @ Raymond Bar (Bricolages festival), Clermont-Ferrand, FR, 7th feb 2008

dimanche 10 février 2008

Ex Orkest, holland festival (2000)

The Ex is an anarchist band from the Netherlands. They formed in 1979 at the height of the original punk explosion and have released more than twenty full length albums since.

The band's music has undergone significant evolution over the years, beginning as a simple lo-fi anarcho-punk band. They debuted with a single titled "Stupid Americans" on the Utregpunx vinyl 7" compilation released by Rock Against records in Rotterdam. The release of their first 7" All Corpses Smell the Same came shortly thereafter in 1980. Through the decades they gradually developed into their current form of highly intricate, experimental punk/post-punk/no wave-inspired work. Breaking from the relatively narrow confines of punk rock, The Ex has incorporated a wide array of influences, often from non-Western and non-rock sources. Some include Hungarian and Turkish folk songs, and more recently music from Ethiopia, Congo and Eritrea (whose independence song is covered by The Ex on Turn). Other examples of branching out stylistically include the improvised double album Instant and a release under the moniker Ex Orkest, a 20 piece big band assembled for performances at Holland Festival.

The band has had successful collaborations with many disparate artists, including UK anarchist band Chumbawamba (sometimes using the name Antidote), the Dog Faced Hermans (one former member of that band, Andy Moor, is currently part of the The Ex), and with the late avant-garde cellist Tom Cora in the early 1990s, resulting in the album Scrabbling At the Lock in 1991 and the follow-up And the Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders in 1993. They have also collaborated with members of Sonic Youth, Dutch improvisers ICP, and released a collaborative EP with America's Tortoise.

Bass guitar player Luc left the band in 2003, replaced by double bassist Rozemarie. In 2005 Rozemarie left the band.

The Ex is the subject of the documentary film Building a Broken Mousetrap (2006), directed by Jem Cohen. [wikipedia]

Anamika - 1973

Aao Twist Karen from Bhoot Bangla (1965)

samedi 9 février 2008

Belle Epoque - Bamalama

Le trio vocal BELLE EPOQUE se compose d'Evelyne Lenton et de deux choristes:Jusy Fortes (Portugaise du Cap Vert) et Marcia Briscoe (Américaine).
Evelyne Lenton (alias Evelyne Verrecchia,née le 16/12/1945 à Angers) a débuté en 63 sous le pseudo d'EVY.La jeune rockeuse yé-yé conquiert rapidement le public et classe plusieurs de ses disques, dont elle écrit la plupart des titres,au hit-parade de Salut Les Copains.
En 76,métamorphosée en chanteuse disco au sein de "Belle époque",elle enregistre un album produit par son frère, l'arrangeur et compositeur Albert Weyman (de son vrai nom Albert Verrecchia).C'est le succès immédiat avec la sortie en SP de la version dance de "Black is Black"(n°1 en G-B en 76) et de "Miss Broadway"(n°1 en G-B et n°15 aux USA en 77).
Le groupe effectue de nombreux passages télévisés et se produit en concerts à travers le monde.
D'autres hits suivent:Bamalama (78),"Stranger once again"(79)…

mercredi 6 février 2008

Son Lux - Break

Son Lux's video for the single "Break," from forthcoming debut album At War With Walls and Mazes, due 02/19/08. Directed by Finbar Mallon.

lundi 4 février 2008

Geeta Mera Naam (1974)

Geeta Mera Naam is a 1974 Hindi movie produced by R K Nayyar. His wife Sadhana is the star. She is also credited as being the director of the film. The film did "above average" business at the box office.
The film also stars Sunil Dutt, Feroz Khan and Rajendranath. The film's music is by Laxmikant Pyarelal.This is Sadhana's last film.

dimanche 3 février 2008


Rapeman was an American noise rock group founded in 1987 and disbanded in 1989. It consisted of Steve Albini (formerly of Big Black) on guitar and vocals, David Wm. Sims (formerly of Scratch Acid) on bass, and Rey Washam (formerly of Scratch Acid and Big Boys) on drums.

In an interview, Albini reported that 'Rapeman' is "... the title character in a Japanese comic book that I had come across through a friend of mine. The comic book is just a total mind-bender. There's a whole genre of comics in Japan, rape stories where women are raped in really graphic detail for whatever reason, and it's an amazing thing that this is just an accepted part of their sort of normal popular culture."[1] Albini and Washam became "sort of obsessed" with the comic, and named their new group after the titular antihero.

Rapeman's performances would often be the target of protestors, who felt that the band was mocking or even encouraging rape and violence against women. Albini has described such criticisms as idiotic, arguing that punk ideology is generally very sympathetic to feminism.

The playing style at times was reminiscent of more traditional noise punk (as on "Up Beat"), at other times cranky art-rock (as on "Monobrow"), their sound gave centre stage to the signature guitar style of Albini.

The band broke up for personal reasons, but not, as has been rumoured, over a dispute relating to their name. Albini launched his career as a recording engineer and played bass with Flour before going on to form Shellac. Sims reunited with ex-Scratch Acid vocalist David Yow to form The Jesus Lizard. [wikipedia]


* "Hated Chinee b/w Marmoset" 7"
* "Budd" EP
* "Two Nuns and a Pack Mule" LP (1988)
* "Inki's Butt Crack b/w Song Number One" (Sub Pop Singles Club 7")

Papy Mix Février : Love Song

Playlist : Ecouter

Jimi Hendrix Experience-...And the Gods Made Love
Joy Division - No love lost
The Saints - Story Of Love
The Sonics- Have love will travel
New Wet Kojak - Love Career
Shocking Blue - Love Buzz
Cop Shoot Cop - Everybody Loves You
Cypress Hill - I Love You Mary Jane
Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money
Silver Apples - I Have Known Love
Mudhoney - Dead Love
Eastern Alliance - The Love Fades Away
Flys - Love and a molotov cocktail
Fudge Tunnel - Sunshine Of Your Love
hyper plastic - love and hate
The Swingin Medallions - Double Shot (Of My Baby Love)
Les Thugs - I Love You So
New Wet Kojak - Love and A Sick Beat
Sebadoh - Forced Love
The Electric Banana - Love Dance And Sing
Songs Ohia - Being in Love
The Breeders - Do You Love Me Now
The Yardbirds - For Your Love
Bollywood Funk - I Love You
Carla Thomas - I've Fallen in Love With You
Leila - Space Love

Marthe Fleurant - La Bolduc '68

samedi 2 février 2008

1952 - cassegrain (conseil de révision)

The Flying Nun

The Flying Nun was a sitcom produced by Screen Gems for ABC based on the book The Fifteenth Pelican, by Tere Rios. The sitcom ran for three seasons, and produced 82 color episodes from 1967 until 1970. [wikipedia]