mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Roman Flügel - Stricher

Roman Flügel - Stricher - Turbo 067
Footage from Alexandre Alexeieff's films 1933-1963.

Alexandre Alexeieff (born as Alexej Alexeieff, sometimes credited as Alexander Alexeieff or Alexander Alexeïeff or Alexandre Alexieff) (August 5, 1901 - August 9, 1982) was born in the town of Kazan in Russia. He spent his early childhood near Istanbul where his father was a military attaché. At the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917 he was a military cadet in the Russian navy.

In 1921 he left Russia for France, where he began his involvement with illustration and animation.

In 1930, Alexeieff married Claire Parker (1910 - 1981), a wealthy American art student living in Paris. Together they formed a life-long partnership working together on animated films. Their main contribution to the art of animation is the pin screen. They also made many stop motion-animated commercials to sustain themselves financially, though they reportedly did not see much difference between their "artistic" and "commercial" films.

Alexeieff worked as well in Berlin, returning 1933 to Paris.

Giannalberto Bendazzi wrote a book about him titled Alexeieff - Itinerary of a Master which featured essays from various famous animators such as Yuriy Norshteyn.

On August 7, 1972, Alexeieff and Parker demonstrated the pin screen to a group of animators at the National Film Board of Canada. This demonstration was filmed, and released by the NFB as Pin Screen. This film appears on disk 7 of Norman McLaren: The Master's Edition, along with Pinscreen Tests (1961). [wikipedia]

mercredi 22 juillet 2009

The Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine

The Lemon Pipers were a 1960s psychedelic pop band from Oxford, Ohio known chiefly for their song "Green Tambourine", which reached number one in the United States in 1968. The song has been credited as being the first bubblegum No.1 hit and ushering in the bubblegum pop era. [wikipedia]

Rustom-E-Hind (1965)