mardi 23 février 2010


Moose were a British indie rock band who formed in London in 1990. The original line-up included Russell Yates (guitar, vocals), K.J. “Moose” McKillop (guitar), Damien Warburton (drums), and Jeremy Tishler (bass). After Warburton and Tishler left the band they were replaced with Lincoln Fong (bass), his brother Russell (guitar), and Richard Thomas (drums). Other members have included Mig Moorland (drums) and Mick Conroy (keyboards).

Moose have been credited by some as being the first band to be called "shoegazers" which was inspired by an early gig of theirs at which Russell Yates read lyrics taped to the floor. Moose’s first three EPs, however, are their only releases which feature the intense guitar effects that characterize shoegazing. Beginning with their first full-length album, ...XYZ, Moose started to lean more towards jangle pop with a slight country-tinge. The album sold poorly, and as a result they were dropped from Hut Records shortly after its release. Within the next few years the band would release two more full-length albums on Play It Again Sam. Despite a strong critical response, Moose’s albums continued to sell few copies. Following the release of their third album, Live a Little Love a Lot, Moose took an extended break from music only to return five years later with the release of High Ball Me!. "This River Will Never Run Dry" has been featured on the recent Britpop collection "The Brit Box." [wikipedia]

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