dimanche 31 mai 2009


as early as 1989 or 1990, a band came out of the moderately sized North Dakota town of Fargo. They were called Hammerhead. The line up was Paul Sanders on guitar and vocals, Paul Erickson on bass and vocals, and Jeff Morridian Jr on drums. at some point early on they relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota. there they hooked up with Amphetamine Reptile Records, the invincible indie label that rose from the ashes of Treehouse Records and Glitterhouse Records. between 92' and 96', Hammerhead released 4 full length albums, including many singles and comp songs as well. they helped propel Amrep to greater heights of popularity, and they helped define that "minneapolis/amrep" sound of the early 90's. some time in 96', however, Hammerhead suddenly broke up. Paul Sanders left the band. it is unknown if he quit or was booted, but either way, the damage was done; Hammerhead was no more. about a year later, word started to spread of a new band, called Vaz, featuring Paul Erickson on vocals, guitar and bass, and Jeff Morridian Jr on drums and vocals. at the same time, Paul Sanders had moved on to a band called more RAM, in which he sang and played guitar. more RAM has since called it quits, i believe. and this leaves us at the present day: Vaz is touring to support thier new full length, and Paul Sanders is down in Texas, working on some mystery new project.

Double Negative

Discography :
Amrep R&D 7" (1991)
Ethereal Killer LP / CD (1992)

Evil Twin 7" / 10" / LP / CD 1993

Into The Vortex LP / CD (1994)

Duh, The Big City LP / CD (1996)

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