samedi 15 janvier 2011

Holy Spirits: White Walls

Holy Spirits: White Walls from Nathaniel Whitcomb on Vimeo.
Created for the Holy Spirits debut ep "The Afternoon's Blood," this motion collage was hand cut out, scanned & digitally assembled from a pile of 40 year old National Geographic magazines.

Music: Holy Spirits

Art+Motion: Nathaniel Whitcomb | Think or Smile |

As part of this collaboration we will be performing these together live at a few select shows...

LA - Jan 19th:

SF - Jan 20th:

Santa Cruz - Jan 21st:

If you're interested in how this collaboration came about check out our roundtable discussion led by stadiums and shrines:

3 commentaires:

POP a dit…

Le son et l'artwork, chapeau !

papy potage a dit…

Tu parlais du blog bien sur . Je sais je m'aime !

l'album d'holy spirits est en free download sur bandcamp

POP a dit…

Of course ;-)