samedi 11 septembre 2010

Papy Mixtape Episode 12 : AmRep (25th Anniversary)

Amphetamine Reptile Records (or AmRep Industries) is a nationally renowned record label which was founded in 1986 by then-US Marine Tom Hazelmyer in Washington State, USA. The label is best-known for its roster of noise rock artists, and its Dope, Guns 'n' Fucking In The Streets series of compilations.
Hazelmyer originally started the label to release records by his band, Halo of Flies. Eventually the label's roster expanded to include releases by Helmet, Melvins, The Cows, Helios Creed, Chokebore, Servotron and others. Hazelmyer later moved the label to Minneapolis. Today the label is used by The Melvins and H•O•F on occasion to release limited edition 7" singles.
Much of the AmRep back catalog is now out of print, although many of the releases are available in digital download format. [wikipedia]

Playlist :
Today Is the Day - Will Power
Love 666 - Preparation for Combat
Gay Witch Abortion - Human Composting
Helmet - FBLA
Today Is the Day - Promised Land
Boss Hog - Red Bath
H•O•F With Gay Witch Abortion - Die You Fuck
Unsane - Broke
Hammerhead - Galaxy 66
Love 666 - U.S.A
White Drugs - Muscle Be_atch
God Bullies - Wake Up
Thee Mighty Caesars - 1977
Cows - Heave Ho
Today Is the Day - Ripped off
Hammerhead - Empty Angel
Today Is the Day - Simple Touch

La compilation est également disponible sur le podcast

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