mercredi 28 juillet 2010

Tennis – Cape Dory

Tennis - Cape Dory (Underwater Peoples Records) from RichsLaw on Vimeo.

If these songs transport you to the place you’d be if it weren’t for everything, do not be alarmed, for they were written there.
If they force you to re-imagine yourself as the person you’d be if it weren’t for everyone, do not be afraid, for that’s who wrote them.

And if these songs make you do something you wouldn’t have done otherwise, good, that's why they’re here.

Patrick and Alaina bought a boat together and sailed around the ocean. They dodged freighters, wade squalls, swam ashore in the bahamas, ate at restaurants with names like “Spanky’s,” and got married. With no destination in mind, the trip led them to the songs heard on this recording.

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