mercredi 5 août 2009

plastobeton - Ete 83

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Plasto Beton
Plasto Beton 7" EP

A drum machine set to “MC 900 Foot Jesus,” barking dog guitar, and a person named Dixie Music pleading emphatically over the mic is the whole story behind France’s Plasto Beton, suburban funboys who may or may not listen to Rammelzee, ready for a night out at the leather bar. AH Kraken/Feeling of Love affiliation; I’m into one of those bands. Snarling and harsh, the group does what it can with pre-recorded rhythms and primitive drum machines, gargling driveway sealant and spewing it all over your sidewalk, in a recent tradition of spoiled decadents like A.R.E. Weapons, Flux Information Sciences, and Ghost Exits. The fashion’s not part of Plasto Beton – yet – so their woodshed antagonism still has a great deal of bite to it. Fun, goofy times. 500 copies, from France. It’s French. [Dusted Magazine Review]