dimanche 14 juin 2009

Asa Chang & Junray

Asa Chang & Junray is the band of the Japanese percussionist Asa Chang, who was the founder and original bandmaster of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. After leaving that group in 1993, he formed Asa Chang & Junray in 1998 with programmer and guitarist Hidehiko Urayama. They were joined in 2000 by tabla player U-zhaan. Live, the group use a portable soundsystem called 'Jun-Ray Tronics', hence the name — although the word 'junray' also means 'pilgrimage'.

In 2002, the British label The Leaf Label released Jun Ray Song Chang, which compiled the group's first two, Japan-only albums. It was followed a year later by the mini album, Tsu Gi Ne Pu. The group's song 'Hana' was featured on Fabric Live 07, while 'Tsu Gi Ne Pu' was included on a The Wire Tapper CD. The group's most recent album, 2005's Minna no Junray, featured vocals by singer and actress Kyōko Koizumi. It has not been released overseas. [wikipedia]

Asa Chang + Junray - Hana

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